Pamela Green California HR Conference 2017

Personal Coaching with Pamela Green at California HR 2017

Pamela Green HR Strategist, Speaker, and Author at California HR Conference

Pamela Green, one of the most experienced and effective HR strategists, will offer coaching sessions at California HR 2017. She literally wrote the book on HR! Her customized training and coaching approach gives her clients the tools they need to tackle complex problems while also reducing future errors. Pamela is a charismatic specialist who focuses on listening to her clients individual needs in order to tailor a set of HR and business solutions that yield clear results. No other HR conference in California brings you hands-on coaching workshops like Pamela’s, except California HR 2017 in Long Beach, California.

Pamela Green California HR Conference 2017

Problems with Your Remote Team?

One emerging business dynamic in the digital age is the proliferation of remote teams. For most, this is a tremendous benefit, it allows an organization to acquire top-level talent without being tied to geographic and regional borders. But the remote team also comes with its own unique set of compromises. Slack and GMAIL don’t solve every communication issue. Effectively managing a remote team is crucial to anyone with multiple players in different regions. Pamela Green has worked with dozens of companies struggling with finding the best and most efficient practices to maximize their teams’ productivity. By helping them find solutions that work for their individual businesses, Pamela Green has made a name for herself as an expert facilitator.

Think Like a Brand

Pamela Green is an incomparable voice in the HR space who writes books and lectures on new industry practices. Recently she has transcended the traditional role of author with a video series that supplements her book “Think Like a Brand”. Readers and viewers of Pamela’s work soon find that her simple communication style is a perfect way to learn about how to grow your personal and professional brand. To her, it’s not just curating your appearance, it’s taking steps to make lasting impressions on others in order to further your career goals and personal ambitions.

Pamela Green California HR Conference 2017

Trend Analysis

If you want to thrive in the new economy, your ability to analyze trends will be one of the best tools in your kit. On top of offering a free introductory video course, Pamela Green in her coaching sessions can impart the necessary skills for you to navigate the fast-shifting market. If you have questions about how to decipher the mass amount of information that goes into recognizing modern market trends, Pamela Green is the perfect coach for you.

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The opportunity to learn from HR leaders like Pamela is just one of the more than 60 reasons to come out to Long Beach, California for the best HR Conference in the West. That’s to say nothing of the gorgeous environment and beautiful Southern Califronia weather surrounding the California HR Conference. Sign up for a coaching session with Pamela Green today and join us in Long Beach, California August 27th-30th

Oh yeah, did we mention she also knows SINBAD?!

Pamela Green California HR Conference 2017

Educational Sessions California HR Conference

Get the Latest Updates on Immigration Policy, “Ban the Box” Laws and More at CAHR 2017

To help you keep up with changing laws, policies, and regulations that affect the way you approach your work and your career, PIRHA has scheduled speakers from 12 employment law firms plus the EEOC and the Council for Global Immigration for this year’s California HR Conference (CAHR), taking place August 28-30 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Register HERE.

Employment Law & Legislation

The 20-session series will compose the conference’s Employment Law & Legislation track. All 20 of the sessions qualify for recertification credit.

While an HR practitioner isn’t required to hold a law degree, the field is increasingly demanding more and deeper knowledge of a number of areas of legal specialization, including employment and immigration law. PIRHA created this track as a way to help HR professionals stay up to speed on the latest policy changes.

Many Different Educational Tracks to Choose From

This year’s California HR Conference offers a total of seven different educational tracks, including the Employment Law & Legislation track, and a new full-day Nonprofit track. Additional tracks include Business Acumen & HR Strategy, Talent Acquisition & Retention, Global HR, Total Rewards, and Personal & Leadership Development.

Whether you choose to devote your time at the Conference to one specific track, or you take a smorgasbord approach, PIRHA Executive Director Rafael Rivera advises attendees to strongly consider sitting in on one or two of the legal sessions, at a minimum.

“There is so much going on right now at all levels of government, from individual municipalities all the way up to the federal level,” explains Rivera. “It can feel overwhelming. But you don’t have to absorb every single detail of it in order to be an effective HR leader within your organization. You do, however, need to know enough so that you’re fully aware of what you don’t know. That’s the only way to know when you need to seek additional information on something, or perhaps legal counsel, before you act.”
Attendees are also in for a special treat this year: CAHR will celebrate its 60th anniversary with a special event on Tuesday evening to include a Gastro Garage dessert action station and live music by Soul Tones featuring Grey Paluszynski.

More Education and Excitement at California HR Conference in Long Beach, CA

Follow this link to find more information on the conference sessions and educational tracks. .

Register for the conference here.

Dean Carter California HR 2017

Dean Carter of Patagonia

Dean Carter, leader of global HR, Legal, and Finance Services for Patagonia Inc., will be speaking at California HR 2017. Come hear Carter give his keynote TED-style talk along other prominent HR elites like Keith Ferrazzi, Hollie Delaney, and James Rosseau. These talks will all take place during our Tuesday session. Our incredible keynote line-up of progressive HR professionals is just one of the aspects that makes the California HR conference the success it’s been for the last 60 years.

Patagonia Dean Carter 2017 California HR

Dean Carter is Everything California HR

Chief Human Resources Officer for Sears Holdings Corporation. Now he’s taking that experience and his lifestyle to establish and maintain a company culture at Patagonia that is inline with the values discussed in Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard’s best-selling book, Let My People Go Surfing. Dean Carter straight up is the embodiment of California HR done right.

Active Body Outdoors, Active Mind Indoors

Yvon Chouinard isn’t the only writer at Patagonia. Dean has established himself as a prolific writer and influencer featured by many national publications including The Economist, NBC Nightly, and the Wall Street Journal. He advocates for a strong work/life balance and Patagonia’s value-based business model that proves a growing company can “Do Well and Do Good”. As direct response of their work in the HR space, Dean and his team were awarded Brandon Hall’s Gold Award for Innovation in HR as well as SHRM’s prestigious HRM Impact award.

Get Out to Long Beach, California, August 28th-30th

No other HR conference brings you speakers like Dean Carter in a lively and exciting atmosphere like California HR. There’s a reason we’ve been the state’s leading HR conference for 60 years. Getting your credits isn’t a chore at California HR 2017, it’s actually fun. Join us and see how Dean Carter of Patagonia and others are shaping the future of HR and business.