’s Hollie Delaney TED-Style Talk at California HR 2017

Hollie Delaney HR Specialist TED-style Talk

For the past 7 years, Hollie Delaney has been at and currently serves as Director of People Experience. She commits herself to changing the traditional structure of a large company. At Zappos they started by moving their power structure away from the typical pyramid shaped hierarchy toward a trust-based model with more distributed authority. Hollie is a pivotal player in that structure, making sure that her team has what it needs to deliver happiness to all their customers, employees, and investors without any baby-sitting or micro-managing. Hear Hollie’s story first-hand at this year’s California HR Conference with TED-style talk on Tuesday of the conference.

Hollie Delaney of at California HR Conference The Best Place for Employees to Work

Even before it was an online giant, Zappos knew if it was going to be successful, it had to be much better than its competitors when it came to customer and employee experience. Shoes in the mail seemed like an insane idea because conventional wisdom at the time said you needed to try shoes on in a retail store. To get people interested, they made it incredibly easy to return a pair of shoes that didn’t fit with no additional cost to the consumer.

Soon after, Zappos decided to not just transform the buying experience, but to also do the same thing to the work experience. didn’t have the money to pay for top talent, so they concentrated their talent acquisition strategy around the type of work environment they offer. By making Zappos a people-first business, they’ve been able to keep labor costs down, while also making their employees and customers happier people.

Zappos Pays Employees to Quit

You read that right. A few years ago, Zappos started offering one-month salary to any new hire that feels they don’t really fit with the company culture. This radical offer almost never gets taken however. Their company culture is so attractive that thousands of dollars to quit is not worth the opportunity. That is the power of a people-first approach to company culture, a workforce that wants to be at the business.

Hollie Delaney and More HR TED-style Talks in Long Beach, CA

When you’re looking for an HR conference in southern California, notable speakers should be a top priority. That’s why at California HR Conference 2017, we bring the biggest and most effective voices from the HR space to our attendees. Whether you’re looking to hear a keynote from a huge CEO like Daymond John of ABC’s Shark Tank, or listen to a panel discussion from HR leaders, there is an engagement for you that no other conference offers. If like the keynote talks at conferences like TED, we’ve got you covered. Hollie Delaney, Head of People Operations at, will give her dynamic TED-style talk about her experience at Zappos, and what other organizations, including the HR department, can do to make their clients and employees happier and more fulfilled people. Join us August 27th-30th in Long Beach, California. Register Today!

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