James Rosseau SR. (CCO) of LegalShield Speaking at California HR Conference 2017

More great news coming down the pipeline for this year’s California HR Conference! Attendees at our Long Beach, CA conference will get the opportunity to join a guided session lead by the Author of Success on Your Own Terms and Chief Commercial Officer of LegalShield, James B. Rosseau SR. He brings his wealth of experience and unique insights to the sessions to engage and educate each attending member. Almost every company you can think of, whether it’s a startup or legacy company, is going through a rapid transformation in every level of the business, including HR.

James B. Rosseau

As Chief Commercial Officer at LegalShield, James has over 20 years of professional leadership experience in the financial services and retail industries. Before joining LegalShield in 2014, James served as President of Allstate Affinity Solutions where he created several partnerships with other large-scale organizations like United Airlines, Bass Pro Shops, and Intercontinental Hotels amongst others. James also has a decade of executive leadership experience from his time spent as Senior Vice President at JPMorgan Chase Card Services. At each organization James B. Rosseau SR. has worked to make strong, effective, and lasting partnerships between businesses and their leadership.

James B. Rosseau SR. of Legal Shield California HR

Going Higher Together

The talent market has continued to shift dramatically, with more recent generations accelerating that change. What if in this “I” and “My” world, people were able to drive towards “we,” relentlessly. Further, what would happen if people no longer felt that going to work was a means to an end, but was in fact a destination place because they could bring their whole selves to work.

What to Expect

This session will explore what would the life of the HR Professional would be like if you no longer had to design systems to push or pull people, but simply and elegantly created an environment for people to commit to co-elevation (owning elevating themselves and others). You will walk away with some tools and practices for consideration to create such an environment.

About LegalShield

LegalShield is one of the North America’s leading providers of legal safeguards for individuals, families and small businesses. The currently provide service to over 1.6 million members in 50 states and four Canadian provinces. In all, LegalShield plans provide protection to more than 4.2 million individuals across North America. The company also offers one of the industry’s most affordable and comprehensive identity theft plans, IDShield as well as Launch by LegalShield, the smarter, faster, better way to start a business.

See James B. Rosseau in Long Beach, Ca at California HR Conference 2017

When choosing which HR conference you will attend in 2017, the choice is obvious for anyone looking for a great get-away style conference with influential speakers like James B. Rosseau SR., concrete take-aways, and gorgeous scenery. Get your summer glow going at our Long Beach, CA conference this August 27th-30th. Register Today!

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