Volunteering at Conference

CAHR15 Volunteers

We are no longer accepting applications to volunteer for the 2017 California HR Conference. 

If you would like to be placed on our volunteer alternate list, please send an email to info@cahrconference.org and let us know which role listed below you would prefer.


PIHRA has fun and meaningful volunteer opportunities available for the 2017 California HR Conference on August 28 – 30, 2017.

Up to 120 volunteers are needed over the course of 3 days. Regardless of the position, volunteers will be able to network with members of the HR community, develop their own professional and leadership skills, and contribute to the success of the annual conference. If you have volunteered previously, please note that the guidelines have been revised. Though you can apply for more than one position, the volunteer opportunity is for one day only, and only one shift in that day. If a volunteer arrives onsite and does not fulfill their duties, they will be charged the onsite price for that day.  

All volunteers must agree to:

  1. Review the guidelines and sign a volunteer commitment form.
  2. Attend ANY training that may be assigned for their role.
  3. Once selected, you must complete your volunteer assignment to avoid being charged the onsite rate of a one-day registration.

In exchange for your commitment, volunteers will enjoy:

  1. Invaluable professional and personal development as you network with peers.
  2. Connecting with PIHRA leadership and staff.
  3. Access to the volunteer lounge on the day you volunteer.
  4. A one-day conference registration with full access to all activities that day.
  5. Complimentary lunch, snack breaks, and evening receptions (within your shift) on the day of your volunteer assignment.

After the conference, we will survey volunteers for feedback about your experiences and how the process can be improved. Thank you for your commitment to PIHRA.

Volunteer Training Webinar and PowerPoint

Stay in the know before the California HR Conference! Please select the links below to view the Volunteer Training Webinar and PowerPoint. 

CAHR17 Volunteer Training Presentation Slides

CAHR17 Volunteer Training Orientation Webinar Link

Prior to reading the volunteer roles and making selections, please review the volunteer guidelines which can be found here.

Available Roles

All volunteers will be assigned to one shift, either the morning or afternoon shift, on Monday or Tuesday, with the 2nd half of the same day as their free time. If chosen to volunteer on Sunday or Wednesday, you will receive one-day conference registration for a different day. Anyone with a volunteer badge will be assigned to a shift and when onsite, will be assumed to be working in their capacity as a volunteer. Prior to beginning, or upon completion of, your shift as a volunteer, access will not be provided to conference activities. We ask that you utilize your free time at the conference to enjoy conference activities at your leisure. Volunteer roles are:

Bag Assemblers / Bookstore Set-up (Sunday only) WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ADDITIONAL REQUESTS FOR THIS ROLE.

Assemble conference bags with materials provided by our exhibitors and sponsors. Volunteers in this shift will also need to assist with bookstore set up, including unpacking books, stocking the shelves, and bookstore layout.


Stationed at the entrance to the convention center, ambassadors act as greeters by providing directions, checking attendee badges and meal tickets, performing some functions in the Marketplace, and assisting PIHRA staff as needed. Ambassadors need to be outgoing and friendly, as they will be interacting with all attendees and the general public that might wander by our event. The expectation is that Ambassadors will greet all individuals with a warm smile and ask if they can be of service to attendees and passersby. This is a position well-suited for new PIHRA members or those members who want to network more with HR professionals and other key stakeholders. If assigned to a PM shift, you will also assist with checking attendees that will be attending the Night Events scheduled for Monday or Tuesday night, coordinating drink tickets, and monitoring the night’s activities to ensure all attendees remain safe and sane.  

Night Event Ambassadors (Tuesday Only)

You will assist with checking attendees that will be attending the Night Event scheduled for Tuesday night, coordinating drink tickets, and monitoring the night’s activities to ensure all attendees remain safe and sane, and other related duties as assigned.

Exhibitor Lounge (Monday and Tuesday only)

The Exhibitor Lounge is available to exhibitors to relax and grab a snack, but also a way to obtain assistance when needed.  In this role you will be available to answer questions and provide an efficient way for PIHRA staff to solve problems as they arise. As the liaison between exhibitors and PIHRA staff, you will be a much needed resource when things get hectic in the Marketplace.


Stationed on the second floor, floaters will act as ushers and program assistants. They will help attendees find educational sessions and assist room moderators with any general duties that may need to be handled (e.g., notifying the AV manager if issues arise). They may also need to step in to cover Moderator duties if necessary. Floaters will also be responsible for changing the session names on the room signs at 15 minutes before each break in sessions. This volunteer role requires an outgoing and articulate person, as it may require standing in front of a room full of people giving announcements and introducing speakers. This is not a role for timid individuals. This is a great opportunity for members to hone their program facilitation and public speaking skills. Due to the timing of events, Floaters may occasionally be called upon to take on the role of an Ambassador so please read and be comfortable with that role description as well.

Information Booth 

Working together with the Ambassadors, you will need to be ready to handle any and all requests that come your way. From lost phones to attendees who have lost their way, you will need to be friendly, quick on your feet and resourceful. You will also need to be organized in order to keep track of requests that come your way, messages that need to be relayed to others and items that will find their way into your hands. While you may not be the ultimate person handling the request, you will need to know what resources are available and who the individual needs to speak to, whether they are an attendee, speaker, exhibitor, member of the press or member of the general public.

PIHRA Booth  (Monday and Tuesday only)

This role requires individuals to be very knowledgeable about PIHRA, including membership options, member benefits, and locations. It requires someone with a warm and positive personality. Volunteers will spend most of the day answering questions about PIHRA and possibly recruiting new members. This role is especially well suited for Membership Chairs, Location Chairs and longtime members.

Room Moderators: 2 per room 

Room moderators are the volunteers responsible for keeping the speakers on time and adhering to the conference schedule. Moderators will check badges at the entrance to each session, give opening and closing remarks, introduce speakers, and square away the room at the close of each session. If an AV issue or other challenge arises, moderators will be responsible for notifying the correct party and ensuring the situation is resolved. This role is also responsible for making sure no one room is too crowded and closing the session when a room reaches capacity. This role requires verifiable experience as a moderator, preferably at a previous PIHRA conference. Moderators must be comfortable speaking in front of a large group, be articulate and well-spoken, have a commanding presence, and be able to correctly pronounce names that are often long and difficult. This role is well suited for Programs Chairs and Location Chairs.

Speaker Lounge

In order to provide a seamless and stress free experience for our presenters, they will check in at the Speaker Lounge. As the volunteer in this space you will check the speakers in, provide them with their badge, give them a schedule and conference guide, direct them to their session room, and act as security in the room for their bags they may bring with them. You will also need to check the schedule to alert the PIHRA Staff if a speaker has not checked in at least 30 minutes prior to their session.

Solution Stages (Monday and Tuesday Only)

If you are tech savvy, outgoing and quick on your feet then the Solutions Stage is the place for you. Your role will be to provide tech support to the presenters and help them to load their presentations, trouble shoot if there are any glitches and rally an audience if there are empty seats at the Stage. You may also use a wireless mic to take questions from the audience and make announcements as necessary.

We are no longer accepting applications to volunteer for the 2017 California HR Conference.  If you would like to be placed on our volunteer alternate list, please send an email to info@cahrconference.org and let us know which role listed below you would prefer.