7 Reasons Why Attendees Come Back to the California HR Conference

With the most booming job market in half a century, if we want to stay competitive we can’t afford not to invest in our professional development. These days, it’s not a question of if you’ll attend an HR conference this year – it’s which one. Here are 7 reasons why CAHR19 is the best pick – and how returning to the California HR Conference year over year makes the most of your investment.

Reason #1 – Save Time Comparing Costs

California HR Conference attendees are savvy shoppers both inside and outside of the office; they know that coming back to CAHR19 is a financial slam dunk for them and their organization because CAHR19 attendees save an average of $1068 on registration & travel fees compared to other HR conferences. That accounts for three nights at one of our partner hotels, walking distance from the Long Beach Convention Center. CAHR19 returning attendees save hours of time researching and comparing conference registration and travel fees because they’ve found the quality content they’re looking for at just the right price.

Reason #2 – Save Time Comparing Content

Another reason why you’ll save time “Conference Shopping” is that we’re as innovative as we are affordable: year over year, the California HR Conference evolves quite a lot! Between listening to attendee feedback, conducting industry research, and engaging with the HR community, we are always looking for ways to take this conference to the next level. The CAHR19 team is bringing new features, new cutting-edge session topics, new exhibitors, and new networking & entertainment to deliver the quality continuing HR education you need, and all of the extra perks & surprises you love. Plus, every year we make sure to offer more California-specific credit and content than you can find in most conferences. Whether you have operations in California, or simply want to stay ahead of the federal trends, our California track of sessions is guaranteed to help you stay on the cutting edge.

Reason #3 – Work the Schedule to Your Advantage

The California HR Conference schedule is filled to the brim with HR awesomeness. Between the concurrent sessions, the Marketplace, the Career Advancement Zone, the Solutions Stages, CAHR19 networking & entertainment, local Long Beach activities, and all of the HR peers you can get to know, there’s truly something for everyone.

It’s one thing to receive emails about what to expect, and explore the app before arriving, but it’s another thing to experience everything on site and manage your activities minute to minute. With so much going on at any given moment of any given day, returning attendees have a tremendous advantage of simply knowing the scope of available activities at CAHR19 and being better prepared to use the schedule to their advantage. Don’t worry – if it’s your first time, we’ll send you plenty of tips from past attendees!

Reason #4 – You know where all the best spots are.

Knowing where things are is such a huge help to enjoying and maximizing your conference experience, and returning attendees know the lay of the land at CAHR19! Although we’d hate for you to miss out on what’s happening around you, if you have a call that you really can’t miss, or a few emails that truly can’t wait, you’ll know which nook or cranny on the main level – or nearby cafe – will work for you to set up shop for a few minutes. Returning attendees are familiar with the lunch process, and what time to get in line to sit where they like to sit. (Spoiler alert: our buffet lunch line moves surprisingly quickly, so you don’t need to arrive at the dining area too early!) Returners also have a better sense of where to sit relative to the Main Stage for optimal listening and optimal viewing. The list goes on – but you get the point by now!

Reason #5 – You can help others who might look “lost.”

The converse of our last point is also true. Do you remember your first time at a conference? A bit of guidance from an experienced attendee can go a long way. If you’re a great navigator in new places, or have the magical ability to orient yourself anywhere with cardinal directions, those skills don’t always help you out when you’re inside a building. Returning attendees have the gift of experience that can welcome new attendees and point them in the right direction, which is an easy way to contribute and give back to the HR community. 

Reason #6 – You can grow your community.

The most beautiful part of the California HR Conference is the lifelong relationships attendees develop over time. By coming back, you’ll have the chance to check in with connections you met last time as well as invest in new professional relationships, You’ll have HR buddies to sit with while you enjoy your buffet lunch, friends to pose with for pictures, and trusted contacts to share notes with from your favorite sessions and exhibitors to check out.

You can “like” or comment on posts on LinkedIn all year, but these kinds of authentic, life-giving professional relationships don’t invest in themselves. Whether you’re about to meet new dynamic peers for the first time at CAHR19, or you can’t wait to see your HR pals again this year, we recommend setting aside time to focus on those who you appreciate most in your community and in your industry. Take a friend (or a prospective friend) out to coffee on Sunday before the conference, exchange contact information with your table at a Meet To Eat, and set a reminder in your calendar to follow up. One group of folks we know who really wanted to stay connected throughout the year decided to set up their own monthly conference call just to catch up and talk shop! The sky is the limit, and the benefits to having a trusted sounding board for your career and your industry pain points are endless. 

Reason #7 – You’ll grow your confidence & advance your career.

When HR practitioners gather together, something magic happens. We can more clearly see the high value of our work. We meet HR “soul sisters” (and brothers) who understand our daily life better than some of our family members. We learn more about our professional blind spots and create new goals, and we come back to the office knowing that our strengths – and our work – is celebrated. We are tired of HR being seen as a cost center rather than a strategic partner – and our session selections (coming soon!) as well as our Career Advancement Zone will empower you with the confidence and the tools you need to elevate your position in your organization. We are working to create a ripple effect throughout the business sector where HR as a profession is valued as the strategic business partner that the C-Suite needs – and that starts with a serious commitment to developing leadership skills, corporate presence, and confidence.

Attendees know that returning to CAHR19 compounds their confidence and expertise year over year – because they know they’ll access the personal and professional development that will propel them into the next phase of their career, and they enjoy earning the reputation of taking their career seriously. 

Whether you’re a past attendee of the California HR Conference, or CAHR19 will be your first, we welcome you into the family, and we hope you can reap all of these benefits by coming back around! To sweeten the deal, we’re offering Early Bird pricing through May 31. Plus – group registrations of 3+ save even more. Learn more & register today!