No Bagged Lunch at CAHR18

Attending a professional conference refreshes your routine in the best way possible, replacing your daily grind with novelty, innovation, and inspiration. The 2018 California HR Conference provides four days for you to get out of the office, enjoy the vibes of sun-soaked Long Beach, and surprise yourself with something different. It’s the perfect place to book a massage, test out a new drink, put yourself out there to make new connections, and treat yourself to that morning pastry – and what the heck, why not dessert, too!
Dive into this tiramisu after lunch on Tuesday #CAHR18
In all seriousness, we take lunch time at #CAHR18, well, seriously. The midday break is the perfect time to network with others, process the insights you’ve learned, unwind & refuel between learning sessions, pick someone’s brain about how their organization handles issues, and lounge around while taking your time to enjoy a full lunch break – for once.

Never Lunch Alone

As Keith Ferrazzi writes in “Never Eat Alone,” amazing relationships and business opportunities can arise from simply sharing a meal with others. And with all your HR peers gathered in one place, lunchtime at CAHR18 is brimming with potential for you to find your #HRtribe community. Professional lunches have the potential to be about so much more than just staving off a growling stomach, and we support that!  Besides, don’t you want to eat a proper lunch on a plate at a table at an event?

Hot, Fresh, Food – just the way you need it.

The California HR Conference has always been proud to serve a hot, fresh, buffet lunch to attendees, with plenty of time to network, and plenty of seating in the dining area and the marketplace. It is a non-negotiable, no-brainer, cornerstone that we provide you with a Real Meal™ for lunch, with actual time to digest it and form relationships, and with specific options available for those with lifestyle restrictions. Dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free options are available and easy for you to select in advance, during your online registration


Drumroll, please…

Now that you’re almost as excited about lunch as we are, without further ado, we’re thrilled to provide you with our first-ever Lunch Menu Preview! Try not to drool on your desk. 😉

This year’s menu is inspired by local Long Beach cuisine & ingredients, featuring regional specialties/favorites from the many global cultures that form the heartbeat of Southern California.

Refresh Yourself with Bevi!

This year, Bevi 💦 smart water coolers will provide you with extra refreshment at the California HR Conference! You will be able to select filtered water, fizz, and flavors to enjoy personalized drinks like strawberry lemongrass, cucumber, lime mint, peach mango, and more. We invite you to bring your own eco-conscious water bottle like S’well, Klean Kanteen or HydroFlask.

If you prefer no-frills in your hydration, we will also have plenty of fresh water coolers available as well!

Monday Lunch & Refreshments

Tropical Green Salad
#CAHR18 Monday Lunch includes Tropical Green Salad
The full Kalua Pulled Pork plate with Hawaiian Bun
#CAHR18 Monday Lunch includes Kalua Pulled Pork, and Toasted Coconut Rice
Bacon Wrapped Dates With and Without Cheese
At Monday's PIHRA Annual Meeting at #CAHR18, enjoy stuffed peppers!
Kalua Pulled Pork
#CAHR18 Monday Lunch includes Kalua Pulled Pork
Toasted Coconut Rice
#CAHR18 Monday Lunch includes Toasted Coconut Rice
Don’t forget about…


  • Monday morning refreshments: #1 Yelp-Rated Porto’s Brand pastries/donuts to go with the coffee
  • Monday Dessert at Lunch: Pineapple Upside Down Cake
  • Hors d’oeuvres at the PIHRA Annual Meeting: Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppadew Peppers

Tuesday Lunch & Refreshments

Chicken Parmesan & Baked Ziti Plate
Tuesday's lunch at #CAHR18 includes Chicken Parmesan & Baked Ziti
Chicken parmesan
Tuesday's lunch at #CAHR18 includes Chicken Parmesan
Baked Ziti
Tuesday's lunch at #CAHR18 includes Baked Ziti
Tuesday Morning Donuts and Coffee
Who doesn't love donuts with their coffee? Fuel up on Tuesday morning at #CAHR18!
Antipasta Salad
Tuesday's lunch at #CAHR18 includes Antipasta Salad
Avocado Toast
Tuesday Refreshment Break at #CAHR18 includes Avocado Toast
Enjoy Tiramisu for dessert after #CAHR18's Tuesday Lunch
Is anyone else getting hungry…?

Join us at the 2018 California HR Conference for a continuing education experience that’s personally, professionally, and culinarily unique to California.

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