CAHR19 Session Sneak Preview

We know there’s a lot to consider when deciding whether or not to attend the 2019 California HR Conference. Will I get approval? What’s there to do outside the conference? And most importantly, what tools & learning will I bring back to my workplace? This year’s presentations offer a rich variety of HR best practices, and while our full schedule (spanning 70+ sessions and 18.0 credits) isn’t ready for release, we couldn’t resist giving you a session sneak preview of HR awesomeness.

Our sample of session titles and speakers below is sorted by education track. Expand each track preview using the (+) icon on the right, and start planning your conference experience early – and save more with our Early Bird pricing!

Business & HR Strategy Track Preview
Organization Design: Go Beyond Creating An Org Chart
Presented by Kifaya Thallam
What the CFO Wants You to Know as Their HR Business Partner
Presented by Paul Butler  

California Employment Law Track Preview
Seeing 20/20 in 2020: A Look at the New Employment Laws Coming Next Year
Presented by Kelly Scott 
Call Me Caitlyn: Navigating the New Transgender Workplace
Presented by Joan Cochran & Jennifer Misetich 
Global HR Track Preview
Global Talent Management: It Is Time to Act!
Presented by Vlad Vaiman
Pushing the Boundaries: How HR Risks Multiply When Operating Overseas
Presented by Ragu Bhargava
HR Compliance Track Preview
He Said, She Said: Tips for Assessing Witness Credibility
Presented by Allison West 


Veterans In The Workplace: A Primer On Military and Veteran Workplace Issues
Presented by Teresa McQueen
Professional Development Track Preview

Track Sponsor:

“You Have Finally Got a Seat at the Table………Now What?!?!”
Presented by Stacey Lewis
Communication Mastery: Learn to Get Anything Done with Anyone
Presented by Kathy Gruver
Talent Management Track Preview

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Working with Difficult People: Suffering at Work Is Optional
Presented by Shari Harley 
High Functioning Teams Deliver High Performance! What is Your Plan?
Presented by Curt Archambault
Total Rewards Track Preview

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WORK + LIFE: Balance or Collision? Why Workplace Wellness Works
Presented by Lindsay Bailey
The Need and Opportunities for Reward Innovation
Presented by Jon Ingram

We hope our 2019 session sneak preview helps whet your appetite for HR learning! Stay tuned for the launch of our full session directory, complete with credit type, learning level, learning objectives, date, and time of day.

For now, be sure to snatch our Attendee Justification Letter to gain approval to attend, and save $100 with Early Bird pricing when you register by May 31!

See you and 2,700 fellow HR professionals & enthusiasts this August 25-28 in Long Beach.

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