The Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Long Beach

From the bustling city center, to the relaxed beaches, delightfully unexpected art, shopping centers, and varied eateries, we here at CAHR19 have found so much to love about Long Beach. 

Our affordable host city guarantees sunshine and good vibes, plenty of outdoor activities within walking distance – and plenty of places to find peace and quiet. 

Even in late August, Long Beach’s weather is like a friend you can depend on. Do your summers tend to be humid, scorching, or insufferable? Come take a break in Long Beach, where there’s no need to hide from the heat, and the ocean breeze makes any Southern California day enjoyable.

Most of us don’t get enough Vitamin D, so be sure to schedule a block of your time in Long Beach out in the sunshine! Whether it’s paddle-boating, renting a bike for the beach path, or simply soaking up rays on the sand, you won’t regret it.


  • ☀️ Averages 345 days of sunshine each year.

  • 🎶 Hosts more Food & Music Festivals than any other city in Southern California.

  • 🚢 Has one of the world’s largest seaports (and the second-busiest container port in America), handling millions of containers each year.

  • 🏙️ Is the 36th largest city in the United States.

  • 🌴 Has over 40 attractions for visitors to enjoy, and hosts over five million tourists annually.   

Although we could gush in detail about all 40+ aforementioned attractions, we know your time is limited – so we compiled what we love most about Long Beach into this brief list. Read on for the top 3 reasons why we love Long Beach!

#1 – Sublime Weather

August in Long Beach is a delight, with highs averaging 84° and lows averaging 64°. What better climate for four days of learning & connecting than a temperate, sunny day that doesn’t distract from your work – or leave you feeling sweaty 24/7? 
We love that Long Beach is warm but not stifling by day, and cool but not cold at night – in other words, it’s the perfect temperature to enjoy an outdoor jacuzzi after dark. The LBC’s sprawling beaches and aesthetic urban design provide many ways to enjoy its perfect weather, which we’re excited to dive into later on.

#2 – Walkable, No-Fuss Travel

Who actually enjoys landing at an airport in a new city and taking a long, expensive taxi drive to your destination? Navigating to your hotel and to the conference should be easy – and that’s why this is the 2nd on our list of why we love Long Beach. 

  • CAHR19 is a 12 minute drive from the LGB Airport. CAHR19 attendees travel to Long Beach from Coast to Coast, and even internationally. We love how close the LGB Airport is to the Convention Center – and how low-stress that airport is in general!
  • CAHR19 hotels are literally next door to the convention center. Have you ever gotten a headache trying to navigate to a conference in a new city, or failed to keep track of a complex shuttle schedule? We’re not about that life. We love waking up in our hotel, and walking 5 easy-breezy minutes to our favorite HR conference on the west coast.
  • We love how walkable downtown Long Beach is. From your hotel, you can easily access the conference, and also a host of other destinations! Walk 5-10 minutes to take a sunset stroll on the beach, or find dozens of amazing dinner options, artisan cafes for your morning espresso, and a host of fun activities (which we’ll get into next)!

#3 – Explore Where the City Meets the Sea

Once you’re out doors, there’s SO much to do! Long Beach is the quintessential California beach town because it covers all the important bases. Enjoy the beach, explore a rich culinary tradition at local restaurants, sign up for historic tours, peruse two art museums, explore new activities on the waterfront, enjoy a lively nightlife, and of course – did we mention the shopping? 

Within 1 mile:

  • Tour the Queen Mary (attendee discount available)
  • Explore the sea animals at the Aquarium of the Pacific
  • Shopping at the Pike Outlets: Nike Factory Store, Cyclone Racer Roller Coaster Bridge, The Pike Ferris Wheel
  • Enjoy the beach Volleyball Courts
  • Rent a bike and take off on the beach bike path 
  • Walk to Lighthouse Park & Restaurant
  • Ride the Aquabus or a Bicycle Taxi
  • Long Beach Segway Tours (attendee discount available)
  • Wheel Fun Rentals (attendee discount available)
  • Long Beach Boat Rentals (attendee discount available) 
  • Harbor Breeze Cruises (attendee discount available)
  • Sunseeker Tours (attendee discount available)
  • International City Theater (attendee discount available)
  • Paddle boat in Rainbow Lagoon.
  • Try Stand Up Paddle (SUP) with rentals & lessons. 
  • Shop Shoreline Village!

Within 5 miles:

  • Go on a Gondola ride around Naples Island
  • Take a harbor cruise.
  • Go on a whale watching cruise.
  • Spend some time at the Museum of Latin American Art, and the Long Beach Museum of Art.
  • Catch a show at the Long Beach Playhouse.

Join us in Long Beach!

Your paradise at the 2019 California HR Conference is waiting. Whether you’d love some peace and quiet after a long day of learning, a lively nightlife, great shopping, or just the chance to let the sound of ocean waves drift you to sleep… Long Beach is your destination. Make plans to book your hotel room and register for #CAHR19 today!