CAHR19 Ultimate Attendee Guide – May 2019 Edition

It feels like only yesterday we were announcing registration was open for the 2019 California HR Conference. Now, here we are, with only four months left before we open the doors of the Long Beach Convention Center for four days of HR learning and fun. (If you haven’t registered yet, now’s the time to catch Early Bird prices before they end May 31. If you have already registered, great! You’ll want to bookmark this post, as well.)
This is how we feel about saving money on awesome conferences…
To prepare for your best CAHR19 experience, there’s plenty do to in advance, and since we know you hate rushing/last minute stress, this May Edition of the Ultimate Attendee Guide should serve you very well. Use it as a checklist to cover all your bases before joining us in Long Beach.

Your Hotel Room

Reserve one of the discounted, super-convenient hotel rooms through our official partners listed on the website. These rooms sell out – months in advance – especially in the hotels closest to the convention center. Please be wary of any company claiming to represent CAHR19 housing – you can always find our official room blocks with the best rates at!
CAHR19 Hotels

Your LGB Flight

What’s the best time to purchase airline tickets? Experts say three to four months out is generally a safe bet to secure the most reasonable prices. May this serve as your friendly reminder to book your flight to easy-in, easy-out Long Beach before it’s too late! Direct flights to LGB are available from most major U.S. cities, and the airport is a quick 15-minute ride from our epicenter.

Your Time in Long Beach

While we can’t say enough wonderful things about the time you’ll spend inside the convention center, everyone needs to step out for fresh air and sunlight. Long Beach is a particularly fantastic place to do just that. Be prepared to take the advantage of everything this chic little city has to offer by looking at our attendee discounts, Yelp reviews of area restaurants and cafes, plus the waterside experiences to be had nearby your hotel. (Segway tours, anyone?)

Your Professional Coaching

How’s your career doing? Feel like you could use a trajectory check, or maybe a boost to go after what you really want? Look no further than the free (yes, it’s 100% free) Professional Coaching at CAHR19, provided by ICFLA. Our conference is the perfect time and place to think about your HR career goals because you’ll be surrounded by so many different HR folks from all over the country. Exposure like this is a surefire way to start focusing on the bigger picture. Stay tuned for more details on how to sign up for coaching at the Career Advancement Zone at CAHR19.
Sometimes self-coaching isn’t effective as we wish it could be…
Professional coaching can inspire us, and help us make new discoveries.

Your HR Certification Prep Class

Speaking of your professional future, how is your certification going? Kicking off your CAHR19 experience with an HR certification preparation class from Friday, August 23 to Sunday, August 25, is not only a great way to fortify your professional credentials, it’ll put you in the ideal learning mindset for the rest of the event. Plus, it gives you an excuse to come to Long Beach early and catch brand new, exclusive sessions and the Sunday night comedy show! You can add the prep class to your registration anytime. Available preparation courses include aPHR, PHR/SPHR, PHRca, and SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP.
HR Certification: aPHR Preparation Class $299
HR Certification: PHRca Preparation Class $449
HR Certification: PHR & SPHR Preparation Class $640
HR Certification: SHRM-CP & SHRM-SCP $1,050
Earning your HR certification can increase your earning potential, or secure the next move in your career.

Your VIP Upgrade

Want to ice the cake of your CAHR19 experience this year? Adding our brand new VIP Upgrade to your registration is the way to go. It gives you reserved front row seating and viewing access AND exclusive opportunities to meet & greet highlighted speakers and entertainers. If having your seat saved and shaking hands with Daniel Pink or Linda A. Hill sounds like a good time, our VIP Upgrade is a must.
CAHR19 Learning - CAHR19 Ultimate Guide - May Edition

Your Learning Plan – and Your Company’s Approval!

Scheduling time out of the office is never convenient, but the ROI of attending CAHR19 is immeasurable for both your career, and your company’s vitality. If you’re not sure how to demonstrate that, we’ve got you covered:
Step 1) Browse our 2019 Session Directory to start crafting your personal HR curriculum at CAHR19.
Step 2) Download our Attendee Justification Letter to highlight the value to your company, and request approval to attend. Did we mention our attendees save an average of $1068 compared to other HR conferences?
Step 3) Scroll back through this post to make sure you tack on your hotels, flights, and conference add-on features!

Join 2,700 other amazing HR professionals for an unforgettable, career-changing experience this summer. See you August 25-28, in Long Beach!