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Attendees at Total Rewards Sessions | CAHR19 in Long BeachWhat’s the difference between your ideal candidate ignoring your job listings and accepting your job offer? Sometimes the first red flag potential hires see is your benefits and compensation packages. At the 2019 California HR Conference, our track of sessions devoted to Total Rewards will help you uncover new ways to contribute to your organization’s success and your employees’ wellbeing – as well as increase what your organization’s propositional value to new employees.

As the future of work continues to unfold and eolve, so too must your ability to stsay competitive with compelling,  sustainable, and effective rewards structures. Through this specialized track, gain new insights to leverage benefits and compensation offerings to improve organizational performance, retain the best employees and elevate your employer’s brand to attract the best talent.

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Ditch the Calculator — Using Analytics to Solve Broader Pay Inequities

Stefan Gaertner – Monday 8/26, 11:15am – 12:30pm

Total Rewards Track Presenter at CAHR19Eliminating pay inequities based on gender, race, ethnicity and other protected statuses is the most important compensation challenge of our time. And pay equity analyses can be used for a whole lot more than just predicting and adjusting pay levels for individuals — they can provide a window into the inner working of your compensation system and reveal the very practices that bring about pay inequality to begin with. This workshop is designed to make the case for why it is a business imperative, help attendees get their organization started with a pay equity analysis or take your current review a step further. Plan for engaging and interactive session with real- life case studies presented.

Stefan Gaertner is Partner at Aon.



California’s New Mandatory Retirement Program

Terri McGray – Monday 8/26, 2:00pm – 3:15pm 
Total Rewards Track Presenter at CAHR19California just launched the largest state-run retirement plan in the nation. This session will discuss what it means for your business and how the program works. We will address what you need to know with dates, deadlines and responsibilities. State Senate leader Kevin de Leon who wrote the bill, says this is the largest expansion of retirement security since the New Deal. The federal government has given its blessing, and many other states across the country are considering similar action. No matter whether your company offers a qualified retirement plan or not, you need to understand how this program works because it will likely impact all businesses. We will discuss our national retirement crisis and review the advocates and opponent’s view of this program. We will also review the costs, investment options and details as we take comprehensive look at this controversial program.

Terri McGray is President at Longevity Capital Management LLC.



Pay Strategy as a Competitive Advantage: The Power of a Structured Approach

Greg Arnold & Margaret Hylas – Monday 8/26, 4:00pm – 5:15pm

Total Rewards Track Presenter at CAHR19Total Rewards Track Presenter at CAHR19Learn how a strategic, structured, and thorough approach to compensation program design can optimize your organization’s performance, streamline processes, and help drive individual and corporate performance. This session will be led by two experts who have designed and implemented compensation programs and incentive designs at companies ranging in size from start-ups with less than fifty people to Fortune 100 organizations with thousands of employees.

This session will address:

1) What are the basics of setting up a compensation structure, including defining a pay strategy and philosophy that supports the company’s business strategy?
2) How can a framework for salary, bonus, and long-term incentives be tailored to a company’s pay strategy and philosophy?
3) How and why would different compensation schemes vary across different industries and different levels in an organization, and how can you use different approaches to pay to support your company’s unique strategy?
4) How can you design annual incentive programs that balance individual line of sight with enterprise wide objectives?

Greg Arnold is Principal at Semler Brossy Consulting Group.
Margaret Hylas is Consultant at Semler Brossy Consulting Group.



WORK + LIFE: Balance or Collision? Why Workplace Wellness Works

Lindsay Bailey & Kaleana Quibell – Tuesday 8/27, 11:00am – 12:30pm

Lindsay Bailey, Total Rewards Track Presenter at CAHR19Kaleana Quibell, Total Rewards Track Presenter at CAHR19Join Lindsay Bailey, the founder of FitPros a national workplace wellness service provider, and Kaleana Quibell the Wellbeing Director of Sequoia Consulting Group for this high engagement discussion on how to design impactful wellness programs that target a total population. To recruit and retain high-caliber employees, its imperative companies are competitive in offering wellness programs that support a healthy work life balance, while being mindful of their wellness budget and company’s bottom-line. Learn how everyone has the power to influence healthy changes in their workplace, in turn carrying positive habits into their life outside the office. Attendees of this results driven discussion will walk away with inspiration and validation that by taking action as a Wellness Champion in the workplace, personal and professional balance is attainable. With social media at our fingertips, the rise of mental health issues, and the increasingly competitive work environment, the days of a simple and separate work life balance have been replaced by an always-on mobile workforce. Studies prove consistent, multi-faceted corporate wellness programs build team camaraderie and engagement with their employer, in turn heighten productivity, decrease absenteeism, and lower healthcare costs.

Lindsay Bailey is Founder at FitPros.
Kaleana Quibel is Wellbeing Director at Sequoia Consulting Group.



The Need and Opportunities for Reward Innovation

Jon Ingham – Tuesday 8/27, 2:00pm – 3:15pm

Total Rewards Track Presenter at CAHR19Over the last decade, HR has undergone a radical transformation. Much of what we do in recruitment, learning and communication has little similarity to the way these functions used to be performed. Even performance management is finally being re-engineered with reviews and ratings being substantially updated or abolished. But what about reward? Well, although there is talk about the new pay, as yet, there is not that much difference between the new and the old. However there is more that can be done. Some of the main opportunities include making better use of what we are already trying to do by taking a more employee centric perspective ensuring rewards are designed to motivate people; communicating the value people are gaining; allowing managers more discretion to set pay (within a framework) and emphasizing total reward. Other options include team level reward, increasing pay transparency, being smarter about the use of variable pay, taking advantage of the opportunities provided by prosocial rewards and using gamification. This session will review the opportunities to renew reward within a transformed approach to HR and in order to deliver cost savings and improved results in our businesses.

Jon Ingham is Author and Consultant at Strategic Dynamics.



Too Much of a Good Thing? The Perks and Pitfalls of Unlimited PTO

Marina Galatro – Tuesday 8/27, 2:00pm – 3:15pm ☀️Sunshine Session☀️

Total Rewards Track Presenter at CAHR19As the paid sick leave law wave continues to ripple across the country, companies are looking at ways to meet or exceed the now more than 40 different paid sick leave laws. The idea of unlimited PTO is still splashing through HR professionals’ minds as an alternative way to beat the explosion of paid sick leave laws and as a way to attract and retain talent. Need to go to Hawaii for five weeks? Yes, go — it’s paid time off! Need a “mental health” day or two (or five)? Why not — it’s paid time off! No questions asked. But before implementing such a program, is it too much of a good thing? Will it improve morale and work-life balance or will it cause fear within the organization? Is it a true total rewards element that attracts and retains top talent? What about employees who need an extended medical leave of absence? Are they paid for the full leave duration? “Unlimited” may not really mean without limits. Attend this session to learn what you should know and consider before transforming your total rewards strategy to include an unlimited paid time off program.

Marina Galatro is Sr. HR Consultant at Gallagher .



Addressing Mental Health Challenges: 3 Unique Perspectives

Noma Bruton, Scott Ripley & Rachel Tilman – Tuesday 8/27, 4:00pm – 5:15pm

Noma Bruton, Total Rewards Track Presenter at CAHR19Scott Ripley, Total Rewards Track Presenter at CAHR19Rachel Tillman, Total Rewards Track Presenter at CAHR19The average life expectancy in the US is on the decline for the first time in 60 years. Experts cite a rise in suicides and the opioid epidemic as contributing factors. Furthermore, roughly 1 out of 5 American workers will experience a mental illness which has a direct impact on productivity costing US companies hundreds of billions per year. While awareness has increased, many HR professionals still shy away from the subject and struggle to find effective ways to address the issue. Competently and compassionately addressing mental health in the workplace is an essential business strategy for success.

Our expert panel consists of an HR executive, employee benefits consultant, and a licensed psychotherapist. Each will share a unique perspective on mental health in the workplace as well as perform an interactive role play highlighting real-life scenarios faced by HR professionals. 

Noma Bruton is Principal at Sagacity HR.
Scott Ripley is Benefits Advisor at Arthur J. Gallagher.
Rachel Tilman, LCPC is HR Consultant & Psychotherapist at Tilly Connects Consulting.



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