CAHR19 Monday Recap

Wow! The first full day of the 2019 California HR Conference seemed to fly by in a flash, but there was SO MUCH going on. Monday is one of the most well-attended days, bringing a tangible presence, the culmination of thousands of HR professionals coming to one place in pursuit of one common goal. Here are the highlights of the first FULL day at #CAHR19.

First time attendee orientation

If you’ve never attended, the California HR Conference can be a lot to take in without a little guidance. Membership Director Lili Arguello leads welcoming overview of how to make the most of your time in Long Beach. She goes over who PIHRA is, how to use the CAHR19 app, which sessions are must-attend, and networking tips like inviting someone you don’t know to lunch.  The get-together concludes with speed networking to ensure no one leaves without at least one new connection.

Daniel Pink on timing

How often do you think about the impact your break schedule (if you have one) has on your performance at work? New York Times Best-selling author Daniel Pink shared eye-opening insight on how our timing in life can influence our creativing, productivity, and decision making. Over the course of a single day, our cognitive ability varies more than we realize which opens up opportunities to tackle certain tasks at times when we’re more likely to do a better job. Daniel also invited the audience to think about when they go to sleep on “free days”. Understanding whether you’re a lark (morning person), owl (night person) or third bird (right in between) can help you optimize your schedule.


We really don’t deserve dogs. Just being around them can make your day brighter. Our Puppy Play Zone, sponsored by Payroll Link, was very well received, because just look at these furry faces!

Mega Session CHRO panel

It’s not easy creating a brand experience that attracts and retains top performers and talent, but Tina Jones, Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources at Cadence Design Systems, and Suzie Elliot, Chief Human Resources Officer at Farmer’s Group, Inc., sat down with Julian Lute, Organization Culture Consultant at Great Place to Work, to discuss creating powerful workplace cultures for all employees. 

Some key takeaways include meeting your employees’ needs based on where they are in life, such as starting families and taking care of their parents. While the extravagant perks offered by Silicon Valley companies are effective for attracting talent, you shouldn’t go offering perks on a whim because it’s what every other company is doing. Better to carefully listen to employees’ needs and be proactive and transparent about their concerns. 

Meet to Eat at P.F. Chang’s

The highlight of our networking opportunities was bright and full of friendly chatter. In the past three years, Meet to Eat has grown from a paper sign-up sheet based to a popular staple among attendees. There’s still time to join in on Tuesday night’s Meet to Eats happening at King’s Fish House, George’s Greek Cafe, Pier 76 Fish Grill, Gladstone’s, and PF Chang’s.

You can also join the PIHRA Young Professionals at Bo-beau Kitchen, or PIHRA South OC folks at Rock Bottom Brewery for upscale brews and pub food. 

Monday was a wild success by all accounts and Tuesday is following suit. Don’t forget to connect with us on all our social accounts and check back in tomorrow for a summary of Tuesday, which includes the Ezra Ray Hart show! Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for live updates.