Making Super Achievers: Creating a Cycle for Positive Change

 In the midst of change in the way we work, the way we grow, and the way we connect, many of the topics at the Virtual 2021 California HR Conference focus on helping HR professionals and their teams to prepare for the road ahead. One of the foremost thought leaders in the area of inclusivity and diversity is Dr. Johné Battle, who will outline his strategy for sourcing talent and developing high-performance teams.

Research shows that average person is only working at half their capacity, yet with shifts in the economy, demanding customers, a shortage of top-tier talent, and limited resources, they’re expected to do more with less and yield even better results. As an HR professional, it’s critical to be strategic about setting your team up for success.

But how can you change your approach to nurturing talent and impacting change? In this session with Dr. Johné Battle, you’ll explore the growth mindset needed to expand the capacity of individuals, teams, and the organization to drive business results. You’ll also recognize how reactions to differences can impact the treatment of people and their ability to contribute their best work.

In the ever-important role of sourcing for talent, many organizations use assessment tools or interviews, but few look at grit. Johné will address the importance of committing to grit and what you need to do to model inclusive leadership skills and communicate key messaging about the importance of inclusion. You’ll leave understanding how the equity development process can help you impact change throughout your organization.

  1. Understand how belief in capability is based on an environment where employees can be authentically themselves, feel comfortable and get reassurance.
  2. See how the learning loop works through opportunity and the right stretch.
  3. Explore how positive positioning begins with effective support and feedback.
  4. Get a confirmation of belief by assessing employees for a learning mindset, engagement, positive disposition, performance and future opportunity.

Thursday, May 27, 2021, 9-10am

Dr. J. E. Battle is VP, Diversity & Inclusion at Dollar General and Founder and CEO of The Greatness Factory. r. Johné Battle is an author, keynote speaker, professor, executive coach, change agent, blogger, and leadership development expert who helps smart people lead more effectively and develop high performing teams. He provides diversity and inclusion counseling, change management, team- building and leadership development for CEOs, top executives, and leadership teams ranging from mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

As a dynamic motivational speaker, Johné has taken the attention of students, athletes, educators and corporate execs of all ages, interests, and backgrounds hostage with his energetic and heartfelt messages of hope, persistence, and moving beyond your circumstances. His story of overcoming an early age reading disability to pursuing an Ivy League doctoral degree has inspired audiences across the nation. He is an advocate for transformational development, and life-changing reimbursement by leveraging the benefits and freedoms that can only come through education.