Employee Recognition Checklist: Elevate Your Employee Appreciation Game with CAHR24

✅ Align Recognition with Company Values:

Ensure that recognition efforts reflect the organization’s core values.
Example: Recognize employees who exemplify values related to collaboration, customer service, and continuous learning in their daily work.

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✅ Diversify Recognition Methods:

Implement various recognition methods, including verbal appreciation, public recognition, written commendations, and tangible rewards like gift cards or personalized items.
Example: Combine verbal appreciation during team meetings with a personalized note and a gift card to the employee’s favorite local coffee shop.

✅ Personalize Recognition:

Tailor recognition practices to individual preferences, considering unique strengths, skills, achievements, preferences, and cultural sensitivities.
Example: If an employee is passionate about sustainability, consider recognizing their efforts with a personalized reusable water bottle or contributing to a conservation charity of their choice.

✅ Incorporate Frequent and Timely Appreciation:

Establish a regular cadence for recognizing employee contributions to maintain a positive and motivating workplace culture. Coach managers to have quarterly one-on-ones to appreciate employees and check in with them. Don’t forget remote employees.
Example: Implement a monthly recognition program highlighting outstanding achievements and contributions.

✅ Peer-to-Peer Recognition: 

Foster a culture of appreciation among colleagues by encouraging peer-to-peer recognition through platforms like employee shout-outs or recognition boards.
Example: Establish a virtual “Kudos Corner” where team members can publicly praise each other for exceptional support, fostering a positive peer-to-peer culture.

✅ Define Up-Level Criteria:

Help your employees know what steps they can take to be recognized and grow within the organization by clearly outlining evaluation criteria.
Criteria Example: Successfully and proactively assume leadership roles on departmental or team projects and go above and beyond in achieving goals.

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