CAHR20 Is Virtual! Register Today with Our Flex Rate Option

Here it is – the announcement you’ve been waiting for… (drum roll)… The 2020 California HR Conference will be 100% VIRTUAL! It kicks off on October 27th and offers three days of content, networking and fun.

Given the current global circumstances, it’s best for the safety and health of our attendees and community that we deliver our outstanding annual HR event via the internet.

But don’t think for a moment this will change the caliber of content, education and networking opportunities you’ve come to expect from us each year. We’re still going to knock all that out of the park, plus, you won’t have to deal with freezing cold breakout rooms, lines for lunch, or crowds around coffee… unless that’s a thing in your own kitchen.

Comprehensive HR Education and Content

Just because we can’t shake your hand doesn’t mean we can’t send the best in cutting edge HR content and 30 hours of quality professional development straight to your home office/livingroom/guestroom/playroom-where-the-kids-or-pets-still-hang-out.

We’re sticking to our solid track record of world-renowned keynote speakers like blockchain tech pioneer Amber Baldet, best-selling author Professor Linda A. Hill, and reporter/analyst and motivational leader Mel Robbins. This goes for entertainment, too, like when Ezra Ray Hart brought the house down at CAHR19.

As we continue to confirm our lineup of CAHR20 speakers, sessions, social hours, expo, and entertainment, rest assured our virtual event will leave you thinking about HR, your career, maybe even the world, with a fresh perspective, and add some fun to your at-home routine.

Flex Rate Gives You a Choice

We’re all about meeting and exceeding your expectations no matter where you are in your HR career. We value, more than anything, the trust you put in us to guide your professional development and facilitate the expansion of your vital network.

In return, we trust you to tell us how much value you derive from our content and events. In this case, we’re actively putting the determination of value for CAHR20 in your hands with our Flex Rate option.

If you choose to take advantage of our Pay What You Think It’s Worth option to register for CAHR20, all you have to do is sign up before August 31 in order to access the event.

That’s it. No additional steps standing between you and a top notch virtual HR experience.

Once the event is over, however, we ask that you pay for your registration to the tune of how much value you derived from it.

Did it truly exceed your expectations? Pay us for that. Did it fall a little short? Pay us for that. It’s entirely up to you because we trust your ability to discern between an event that advances your HR career and just another run of the mill online experience.

Much More to Come

There is still so much to organize and get ready between today and October 27 and we’ll keep you updated via our newsletter (see the super convenient signup field below or at the bottom of the post), our social channels Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, and right here on the CAHR20 blog.

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We guarantee this won’t be another boring webinar, because, frankly, we think everyone has had plenty of those these past few months. Someone has to bring some fresh air into the virtual HR event space and we’re up to the challenge!

You are officially invited to register today to take full advantage of our Flex Rate “pay what you think it’s worth” option. This option disappears like toilet paper off store shelves after August 31st, so don’t delay.

Looking forward to seeing you (online) this fall!

Access quality sessions & unique social experiences at the best virtual conference of the year.