DJ Noble: The Man Behind the Music

For over 60 years, the California HR Conference has evolved continuously to develop unique experiences for HR professionals. This is the HR conference where you can access top-notch educational development – including, but not limited to California-specific trends – while having a genuinely good time. #CAHR19 proves to be no different. We’re bringing back our beloved Emcee and Director of Music, DJ Noble, to set the mood for our four days (August 25-28, 2019) in Long Beach together!

Henry is a DJ, Actor, expert music curator, and good-time-whisperer. Over our years working with DJ Noble, we’ve found it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re around him. Whether you find yourself grooving to his tunes on your way to a session, or chatting with him at the music booth, he’s the kind of person who will always find a way to make you smile. (Don’t you love those people?)

We asked him a few questions to help you get to know our favorite “dancing machine” a bit better.

CAHR19: How did you get your start DJing?

DJ NOBLE: I’ve always loved music! At an early age, I began playing the violin and developed an appreciation for the way music touched people in different ways. Music brings so much joy! And when you are playing music, you are helping to create an experience for people. I actually started DJing on the advice of a friend’s recommendation. From that point, I began taking classes and learning the foundation of what it takes to DJ.

CAHR19: How do you stay inspired in your career?

DJ NOBLE: I am always inspired by what I see, feel around me! Whether this be traveling, meeting new people or watching other DJs. I am inspired by the beauty of the the world. I am always learning and looking for new ways to propel the craft and culture forward. I am an observer of life and this truly helps. I try and incorporate these items into my sets.

CAHR19: What is one tough thing that helps you grow?

DJ NOBLE: Not everyone will support you along the way. In life, there’s no shortage of doubters, haters, and pessimists. Overcoming this harsh truth is simple: don’t listen. Choose to stick with your guns, trust your instincts, and forget about people who don’t support your goals and passions.

CAHR19: What’s your favorite part of living in SoCal?

DJ NOBLE: I love all the beaches! The energy, the waves, the sand. But my favorite part of living in SoCal is the amazing scenery, and the ability to be in the mountains or travel to the beach in the same day. Where else can you be in 72 degree weather for Thanksgiving?

CAHR19: What are a couple of favorite memories from the past 4 years at the California HR Conference?

DJ NOBLE: I have soo many fond memories from the last 4 years! It’s hard to put into words. I just think back to when I first joined the conference and how much it has grown since I started. I am looking forward to what this year has in store!

CAHR19: What’s the most surprising song request you’ve gotten from a California HR Conference attendee?

DJ NOBLE: I haven’t really gotten too many far out requests. I usually end up having some good conversations about music, that leads to talking about a variety of other things. I am always open to suggestions though!

CAHR19: If the world was ending, and you could only keep 5 songs on your emergency flash drive, which songs would you pick?

DJ NOBLE: I’d pick…

(1) Stevie Wonder – As
(2) Tupac – Until The End Of Time
(3) Notorious B.I.G – Sky’s The Limit
(4) Prince – Let’s Go Crazy!
(5) Michael Jackson – Shake Your Body down to the ground

CAHR19: Do you have any parting wisdom to share with the HR community?

DJ NOBLE: You can’t always be in control of everything. Letting go is hard, especially if you’re a go-getter. But if you want to continue to grow, there are times when you need to relinquish your control on everything and let things unfold how they’re meant to be. This doesn’t mean your mentality for everything should be “wait and hope.” You can still strive for greatness, but put the work in and then let go with complete faith that the universe will make things right for you. You’ll be amazed at how well it works.

CAHR19: Thanks so much for your time, Henry! Where can we find you on the web?

DJ NOBLE: No problem! My website is, and you can find me on Instagram at @hnoble5, on Twitter at @HENRYNOBLE11, and on Facebook at @DJHenryNoble. Can’t wait to see you all again this summer!

Get ready for a unique experience.

The presence and musical expertise of our friend DJ Noble is just one of the many things differentiating CAHR19 from other HR conferences. Come for the cutting-edge HR sessions that will strengthen your HR team and equip you as a strategic partner, and stay for the human-focused experiences that you’ll never forget.  

Register your HR team for #CAHR19 today, and get ready to get your groove on *and your learning on* with us August 25-28. See you in Long Beach!