Staying Motivated In Human Resources

A Quick Interview with Brendon Burchard

How are you these days? No, really… how are you?

If you’re reading this, you most likely work in Human Resources or are responsible for HR in your business. There’s also a good chance you’ve struggled with feeling motivated about your job at some point in the last 7 months.

You aren’t alone. We at PIHRA have written about stress in HR because it’s a real issue.

Staying motivated in HR and not adding to the stressed out statistics is tough on a normal day, let alone during a pandemic.

This is why we invited Brendon Burchard to keynote the Virtual 2020 California HR Conference and asked him some questions about keeping our heads and energy high these days.

Brendon Burchard Staying Motivated in HR Interview for CAHR20

If you’re not familiar with Brendon, he’s a motivational phenom. In short, OPRAH goes to him for counsel on staying motivated. 

According to Forbes and Success magazines, Brendon Burchard is the world’s leading high performance coach and one of the most watched, quoted, and followed personal development trainers in history. 

He’s a #1 New York Times best-selling author, with blockbuster books include High Performance HabitsThe Motivation ManifestoThe Charge, and Life’s Golden Ticket. His bio is long and impressive, and you can read it here on the CAHR20 Speakers page.

Brendan Buchard on Staying Motivated in HR CAHR20

Why See Brendon at CAHR20?

Brendon has coached and presented in front of thousands in person, and his social channels boast millions of followers because we all need help sustaining motivation and keeping our focus at times.

With layoffs, furloughs, budget cuts, new work from home protocol, and a generally stressed out workforce trying to function under nearly ubiquitous uncertainty about the future, Brendon is the perfect person to help HR professionals re-energize their motivation and focus on what matters the most, on an individual and organizational scale.

 The world needs HR right now to faithfully steer us toward the workforce of the future, past the COVID-19 obstacles and challenges we haven’t even identified yet. (No pressure or anything.) This will take grit and resilience, which happen to be some of Brendon’s more frequent topics of conversation. 

He’s also one of those speakers whose positivity and energy is absolutely contagious, which means his CAHR20 keynote presentation will be engaging and interesting, unlike so many of the Zoom calls that leave us feeling drained.

Here’s Brendon’s advice on staying motivated these days and helping others as HR professionals. 

CAHR20: What has been your most reliable source of motivation during the pandemic that you’d recommend to other people?

Brendon Burchard: The only reliable source of motivation is within. It’s about aiming your attention, managing your energy and raising your sense of necessity to show up and serve every day. You do this by practicing deliberate habits like writing about your goals and purposes each morning, caring for your health and well-being, talking about your mission with others. You lose motivation the less you pay attention to what really matters. If you distance yourself from your goals, and you don’t feel in control of your habits and feel the strength and momentum that comes from that, then you’d best hand your motivation over to the odds of listening to some good podcasts once in a while.

Brendon Buchard Interview on Motivation for CAHR20

CAHR20: How should someone approach setting new habits during these very stressful times? 

BB: I’d start by reminding yourself that setting new habits is never easy; and no extended time in your life has been free from stress. In other words, you’ll have to do the same work as usual to set new habits: Seek clarity so you know what you want; fix your new desired actions to existing actions; practice the habit daily, no matter how long; enlist others to do the habit with you; and reward yourself not by partying but by reflecting, internalizing the win, and setting the next level of goal.

CAHR20: How can members of the HR community help others stay motivated these days?

BB: Increase your number of encouraging touchpoints with your people. That doesn’t just mean send them resources that are relevant for this moment. It means asking your people how you are feeling really. Is there anything you need? If we were all going to make it through this, stronger, what should we do now? Most of all: make it a we’re-in-this-together culture.


Thank you for your time, Brendon!

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